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Ask a Makeup Artist: Do Fake Lashes Ruin Your Real Ones?

Aug 15th, 2022 at 14:09   Automobiles   Satna   152 views

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Ask a Makeup Artist: Do Fake Lashes Ruin Your Real Ones?

If you’re researching lash extensions or falsies, it’s probably because you want fuller, longer lashes. It’s no surprise that one of the biggest concerns about these lash enhancements is whether they harm natural lashes. If you’ve been wondering if your favorite pair of fake lashes will ruin your real ones, you’re in the right place.


  • In this article, we discuss the potential damage extensions and fake lashes can cause to your real lashes. We also discuss other risks and how to prevent them.

  • Fake lashes may cause a bit of damage to the natural lashes, but it’s rare. Usually, the damage is caused by incorrect usage. The lash fall is usually reversible.

  • Lash extensions are more likely to have harmful effects on lashes and eyes. These are usually a result of allergies or of poor training.

  • As long as you stick to good hygiene practices, reputable salons, consistent aftercare, and proper removal, your real lashes will keep on looking their best!


False eyelashes are incredibly popular. They’re a temporary eyelash enhancement that sticks to the lash line with latex or acrylate-based adhesive. But can fake lashes ruin your real ones?

The good news is that false lashes, when used properly, won’t damage your eyelashes at all! It’s only when you over-apply glue or pull the lashes off aggressively, that some lashes may get caught and pulled out.

Never pull your lashes off when it’s time to remove them. Instead, peel them off gently with the help of makeup remover and a cotton swab.

As long as you don’t use too much adhesive, your natural lashes will remain perfectly intact. If you use falsies instead of mascara, they might even help keep your lashes healthier!

Some sources theorize that the weight of the falsies over your real lashes may have repercussions. But it’s a theory, and as many avid falsie-wearers will attest (especially the ones using our Natural Lashes), it doesn’t seem to be a real issue.


As any eyelash technician will tell you, one of the most frequent questions they hear is whether extensions damage real lashes. The answer, depending on who you ask, is either “it depends” or “maybe.”

Eyelash loss is most likely to occur during incorrect removal. If you attempt to remove your extensions by yourself, the risk of pulling on your natural lashes is higher, and you’re likely to lose quite a few.

There hasn’t been any research on the impact of eyelash extensions on natural lashes. Some technicians hypothesize that after removal, the lashes seem more sparse because the client has gotten used to the voluminous extensions. Once the extensions are gone, the difference can seem stark.

There are some theories behind how extensions could potentially damage lashes, but they’re not proven. It’s possible that the weight of the extensions puts stress on the lashes and temporarily inhibits their growth, especially with voluminous styles. It’s also possible that oil and debris buildup from improper cleaning can damage the hair follicle. Whether these issues are significant enough to cause lash fall is entirely unknown.

The good news is that even if the extensions slightly damage your lashes, they will grow back. Human eyelashes go through a regular growth cycle. If you feel like you lost more lashes than normal, they’ll replace themselves within a few months.

The Beginner's Guide to Eyelash Extensions

“Lash extensions are semi-permanent synthetic, faux mink or silk fibers which are applied strand by strand to your natural lashes,” explains Richardson. As you might expect, the application is fairly tedious. “The extensions are carefully applied one at a time using a specially-formulated, semi-permanent glue that will not irritate or damage the natural lash,” she adds.

Unlike false eyelashes, where the strip or individual lashes are applied to the skin, lash extensions are attached directly to the lash itself. The results are more lush, dense lashes that may even let you skip mascara (gasp).

The final look is meant to enhance your natural lashes with more length, fullness, and lift. Whether that look is more dramatic or more natural is up to the client, but generally, the more lashes applied, the more dramatic the effect. A typical treatment involves anywhere from 80-140 individual extensions per eye, with lashes ranging in length from 6-18mm, according to Richardson. “It’s not one size fits all,” she explains. “For instance, if you have damaged lashes, or naturally weak, short natural lashes, it’s not always possible to get a more dramatic look that a client with stronger, thicker lashes can achieve.”

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